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PGTSR-ChromInst® Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Chromosomal Structural Arrangement (PGT-SR)

Comprehensive detection of embryo chromosomal abnormality, and effectively solve the problem of recurrent miscarriage in patients with abnormal chromosome structure.

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Product Description

Product Benefits

Leading technology

Exclusive single cell whole genome amplification technology


The detection accuracy can reach 1Mb in designated section, and 4Mb inother region

Comprehensive & accurate

Covers all chromosomes, the accuracy rate is higher than 99%

Mature platform

Precious data of tens of thousands of embryos

Exclusive insurance

Comprehensive protection, no worries

For Who

1 Either or both spouses carrying chromosomal abnormalities, including mutual translocation, Roche translocation, inversion, complex translocation, pathogenic microdeletion or microduplication, etc.

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