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Noninvasive Implantation Capability Screening (NICS®)

Preimplantation whole chromosome screening technology for embryos without biopsy.

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Product Description

Product Benefits

Non-invasive & safer

The use of blastocyst culture fluid instead of embryo biopsy greatly reduces the possibility of embryo complication and helps improve embryo utilization

Accurate detection

NICS®test results are more consistent with whole embryo results than TE-biopsy results

Scientific intelligence

Based on tens of thousands of embryos results, AI intelligently analyzes embryo implantation potential, and provides scientific and effective basis for embryo transfer sequence


Accumulation of numerous clinical applications and validations conducted across hundreds of VF centres and tens of thousands of sample tests

Professionalism & reliability

Sampling guide + NICSInst kit + ChromGo® automatic analysis software, shorten the operation time and reduce the difficulty of operation, thus maximize the success rate and accuracy

For Who

1 Biopsy of patients with no transplantable embryos (PGT-A without euploid embryos)

2 Patients with low-grade embryos requiring chromosomal screening (embryos not suitable for biopsy for PGT-A)

3 Elderly patients (>35 years old)

4 Patients with ≥2 implantation failures/miscarriages

Service Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store the culture media? How to ship it?

Yikon Genomics provides special sample collection tubes. Each collection tube contains 5ul sample preservation solution. Put the culture solution sample in the collection tube and store it below -20°C. Contact the local sales staff as soon as possible to send it on dry ice. The culture media samples are stored at -20°C for one week, and stored at -80°C forever.

How long will the report be issued?

A test report is issued within 10 business days after receive the culture media sample.

Can IVF embryos be tested by NICS®?

Currently, it is only applicable to ICSI samples, and the NICS® test for IVF samples is still under development.

Does the sampling of NICS® need to change existing operating habits?

NICS® sampling only requires a few precautions, without changing the original operating habits and operating procedures.

What are the requirements for a center to start NICS®?

Embryo laboratories carrying out the NICS project need to be able to realize: egg picking, ICSI operation, embryo culture and embryo freezing. Yikon Genomics provides the standardized sampling process of NICS® for the cooperation center.

What is the principle of embryo implantation priority analysis using artificial intelligence technology?

Based on the big data of the comparison between the culture medium and the whole embryo, a machine learning model is constructed by combining more than ten characteristic values of different resolutions and mosaic ratios. While improving the Specificity, Sensitivity, PPV (Positive Predictive Value), NPV (Negative Predictive Value) and Accuracy, the results of NICS® are intelligently analyzed and the embryo ranking results are given.