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24-hour PGTSR-ChromInst® Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Chromosomal Structural Arrangement (24h PGT-SR)

Fast embryos screening to reduce the chance of embryo chromosomal abnormalities.

Product Description

Product Benefits

Patented technology

Based on ChromInst® patented technology, high repeatability, accurate and reliable results.

Complete package

Complete product line design to provide full guard for sample collection and transportation.

Strict monitoring

Each sample generates a QR code separately, which is monitored throughout.

Comprehensive & accurate

It can detect 23 pairs of chromosomal aneuploidy and can recognize micro-deletion and micro-duplication above 10M.

For Who

1 Aged women (age ≥ 35 years old)

2 Couples who have recurrent spontaneous abortions (more than 2 spontaneous abortions)

3 Couples who have had children with chromosomal diseases

4 Couples with recurrent implantation failure

5 Severe male infertility (severe oligospermia, etc.)

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