9h PGTA-ChromInst® - an Integrated Solution

Quick embryo screening to reduce the likelihood of embryo chromosomal abnormalities.

Product Description

Product Benefits


operation in single tube, complete library preparation in one step.
A comprehensive screening of 23 pairs of chromosomes can be completed in 9 hours.

Complete work-flow

Provide overall solutions from sample preparation to data analysis.


Using ChromInstsup>® as the core technology, the test results are accurate and reliable with high repeatability.


Compatible with illumina, life and other platforms.
Applicable to polar body, blastomere and blastocyst samples.

For Who

1 Senior women (age ≥ 38 years old)

2 Couples who have recurrent spontaneous abortions (more than 2 times)

3 Couples with recurrent transplants failure

4 Serious male Infertility (severe oligospermia, etc.)

Service Process