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Abortion and Fetal Development Arrest Chromosome Test (YKPOC®)

Comprehensive investigation of genetic factors leading to miscarriage and abortion Scientifically guide the follow-up solution of bad pregnancy

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Product Description

Product Benefits


Using high-throughput sequencing technology, it can find a variety of chromosomal abnormalities such as chromosome polyploidy, aneuploidy, microdeletion/microduplication, etc.


Advanced technology with optimal detection accuracy, elimination of maternal contamination


Provide an integrated solution of PGT genetic test for abortion patients in different situations


Provide multiple versions of products to meet different clinical needs

For Who

1 Patients with unexplained stillbirth, spontaneous abortion and abortion

2 Patients with recurrent miscarriage (spontaneous abortions ≥ 3 times)

3 Patients who want to know the cause of first miscarriage

Service Process

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