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Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Safe, accurate and non-invasive detection of fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

I am planning for pregnancy

Product Description

Product Benefits


The accuracy rate of the interlaboratory quality control from the National centre clinical laboratories (NCCL) is 100%


Equipped with a completed set of professional sample collection and transportation materials


No need for amniotic fluid puncture, completely non-invasive


8 working days with inspection report

For Who

1 Pregnant women who have contraindications for interventional prenatal diagnosis (threatened abortion, fever, bleeding tendency, unhealed infection, etc.)

2 Serological screening or ultrasonography shows a common critical risk of chromosomal aneuploidy (ie 1/1000≤Down’s syndrome risk value<1/270, 1/1000≤18 trisomy syndrome risk value<1/350= Pregnant woman

3 Women who have been pregnant for more than 20 weeks and have missed the optimal time for serology test (9-20 weeks of pregnancy), and other routine prenatal diagnosis such as amniocentesis (16-20 weeks of pregnancy)

Service Process