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Carrier Screening of Monogenic Inherited Diseases (20 diseases, CSKA)

In the ultra-non-invasive age, Carrier Screening is to lead the high-level prevention and control of birth defects.

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Product Description

Product Benefits


Realize simultaneous detection of 20 high-incidence genetic diseases at one time


The combined use of multiple technology platforms covers multiple forms of mutations, and the detection rate of population carrying exceeds 20%


The test can be completed and verified within 15 natural days/ calendar days


The detection targeting only pathogenic mutations assists clinical interpretation


There is a comprehensive insurance plan for false negatives


Preimplantation genetic testing for Monogenic Disease (PGT-M) can effectively block the genetic changes that may be causing or contributing to a disease and provide an overall solution

For Who

1 couples suffering stillbirth or miscarriage for unknown reason

2 Couples with abnormal chromosomes

3 Couples with abnormal reproductive history

4 Couples who have a child inheriting a monogenetic disease or have familial genetic diseases

5 Sperm/egg donors

6 Women who are concerned about recessive inherited diseases during pregnancy (gestational week <16)

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