Technical Overview

ChromInst® one-step single cell amplification library building technology is a simple and rapid amplification library building technology patent technology independently developed by Yikon Genomics in 2016, patent number (ZL 2016 10264059.0). This method is simple to operate and can complete PGTA detection within 9 hours, while manual operation only takes 1.5 hours to realize fresh embryo transfer, which is convenient for the reproductive center to carry out PGTA genetic detection item before embryo implantation.



ChromInst® amplification and library building technology is based on the principle of MALBAC® amplification. The whole process includes 3 steps of sample addition and 1 step of purification, and the success rate of library building is higher than 99% in 2.5 hours. The library can be used on Illumina, Life, BGI and other second-generation sequencing platforms. ChromGo®, a fully automated bioinformatics platform for embryos, can complete the whole experimental detection within 9h and output the detection report. The experimental process of this technology requires only a single tube operation, which greatly reduces the operation pollution. At the same time, rapid and uniform library construction of embryo biopsy samples is carried out, which not only ensures high-quality sequencing results, but also greatly reduces the experimental operation time and simplifies the clinical laboratory work.

Technical Advantages

Simple Operation Process: single pipe operation, no need to transfer pipe, reduce pollution risk.
Saving Operation Time: the library can be prepared in 2.5 hours by perfectly combining WGA amplification and library building experiment.
Wide Range of Adaptation: Illumina, ION Trotent and BGI sequencing platform use.