Technical Overview

Combining the patented NICSInst technology with the high-throughput next-generation sequencing, noninvasive Implantation Capability Screening (NICS®) test the cell-free DNA in the culture medium at blastocyst stage, by which physicians can obtain chromosomal ploidy information of the entire embryo without performing a biopsy, thus as a reference condition for selecting embryos for transplantation.


Technical Advantages

Non-invasive & Safe — Reduce the risk of TE Biopsy associated pregnancy complications
Easy — Compared with conventional biopsy methods, no cumbersome operations are required, and strict requirements on equipment, training, and techniques are less needed.
Avoid loss — effectively avoid sample loss that may occur during routine biopsy operations;
Efficient Workflow — The blastocyst stage culture medium is sufficient;
Pioneering and innovative — the first successful application of NICS® technology to clinical research, creating a new direction for embryo chromosome screening.


19 2020-03

Chromosome screening using culture medium of embryosfertilised in vitro a pilot clinicalstudy

19 2020-03

Noninvasive preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in spent medium may be more reliable than trophectoderm biopsy

19 2020-03

Minimally invasivepreimplantation genetic testing using blastocyst culture medium