Preparation for Pregnancy/Pregnancy

10-month Pregnancy consisted with hard steps are sweet and full of hardships for every expectant mother. It is not easy to raise a life, morning sickness, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, heavy bleeding during delivery, Fatal amniotic fluid embolism, cracked nipples after delivery, constipation, uterine prolapse, etc can be described as a sweet catastrophe for women. You can't eat what you want, and you can't take medicine even if you are sick. Childbirth is so difficult that any disturbance during pregnancy may make mother and child suffer serious consequences. Now, with the development and progress of science, Yikon provide many ways to solve the hidden dangers in the birth process from the source, predicting the risks of birth in advance, protecting the health of the baby, and contributing to the prenatal and postnatal care and family happiness.

Clinical Pathway

Case Studies

Having had threatened abortion before, I chose NIPT instead of amniocentesis.

I am 37 years old this year, and I already have a 5-year-old son. To respond to the national "second child" policy ", I became pregnant after more than half a year preparation. As I was over 35 years old, there were signs of threatened miscarriage at the 12th week of pregnancy. After the tocolysis treatment, I did not expect that there will be more hardships waiting for me.
At gestational week 16, the routine check-up performed and the results of Downs syndrome screening test showed that the risk of trisomy 21 was 1/300. The doctor said that the ovarian function would decline with age, moreover my husband was also elder, which may bring a fetus with abnormal chromosomes. So I was advised to take a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for fetal aneuploidy.

The accuracy rate of NIPT can reach 99%, which is similar to the diagnosis of amniocentesis. Given that I have had a threatened abortion before, I choose NIPT to rule out the risk of trisomy 21. After drawing the blood according to the test requirements, we went home and waited for the results. Eight days later, we came to the hospital again. The test result was negative. My baby has no chromosomal abnormalities and I felt consoled.
After 39 weeks of pregnancy, I gave birth to a daughter. The baby is completely healthy, lively and lovely. Thank to my doctor for the new technology!