Infertility is the absence of pregnancy within one year of unprotected normal intercourse. Delayed childbearing, environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, and lack of reproductive health protection have led to an increase in infertility rates. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that infertility will be listed as one of the three major human diseases in the 21st century, second only to tumors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The proportion of infertility in women of childbearing age in my country has risen from 2.5%-3% 20 years ago to about 16%. Clinical data shows that there are more than 50 million infertility patients in China. 1 couple is troubled by infertility on average every 8 couples, and the age of onset is decreasing.

Clinical Pathway

Case Studies

Since I got married 2 years ago, my husband and I are looking forward to a "crystallization of love". However, I have not been pregnant though without any contraception.

Thinking I was still young, I didn’t care about it. As time passed, we became anxious but tried countless times in vain. Under pressure, we made an appointment with a reproductive doctor then underwent hormone test and transvaginal ultrasonography. The report showed that all my indexes were normal, and so is the follicle development. unfornately the semen examination report of my husband showed globozoospermia which is a rare but serious teratozoospermia caused by a genetic defect. My husband took a genetic test of male infertility as recommended. The test results showed that it was caused by a mutation in the "SPATA16" gene and it will be passed on to the child.

Our doctor recommended to us the "third-generation test tube" to completely block this mutation in our offspring by screening and transferring embryos without disease-causing gene loci, which means that our children will not have this disease. Therefore, my husband and I embarked on the "three-generation test tube" journey. Maybe God was moved by our sincerity. After two failures, we finally succeeded for the third time. Looking at the healthy and lively Little Treasure, I sigh that I and my husband have never given up. At the same time, I also hope that all the patients will be as good as we are.