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Abortion and Fetal Development Arrest Chromosome Test (YKPOC®)

Comprehensive investigation of the genetic causes of miscarriage and abortion
Scientifically guide the follow-up solution of bad pregnancy

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Why Abortion and fetal development arrest chromosome test (YKPOC®)?


Chromosomal abnormalities are the biggest cause of miscarriage, exceeding 60%. Checking for chromosomal problems can further help diagnosis and guide the next pregnancy


The embryo is like a seed, and the "seed" viability is crucial for its development. YKPOC® chromosome test is to find the "seed" problem and give further guiding suggestions.


Avoid pregnant women’s anxiety. Failing to detect abortions tissue in time after two abortions, many pregnant women felt guilty and sorrowful, which will adversely affect next pregnancy preparation, even give up. This can be effectively avoided by finding the cause of the abortion.

For Who?

1 Patients wanting to find out the cause of the abortion or stillbirth

2 Women who have unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortions (≥3 times)

3 Families who are receiving multiple tentative medical treatments who stillbirth or spontaneous abortion ((≥3 times)

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