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Endometrial receptivity test (YK-ERT®)

Accurately determine the optimal time for embryo transfer and improve the success rate of implantation.

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Why YK-ERT®?


The synchronization between embryo and endometrium is a prerequisite for successful transplantation. However, about 25.9%-40% of the population with recurrent implantation failures have implant window shifts. According to the conventional transplantation plan, embryos cannot be implanted in the implant window accurately, resulting in implantation failure.


Endometrial receptivity test (YK-ERT®) can accurately determine the implantation window and schedule the embryo transfer for patients with recurrent implantation failures, therefore increasing the success rate of transplantation, and avoiding embryo waste.

For who?

1 IVF-ET population, especially those with recurrent implantation failure

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