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MaReCs® Mapping Allele with Resolved Carrier State test (MaReCs)

Effectively distinguish between embryos with normal chromosomes and embryos with balanced translocation

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Why MaReCs® Mapping allele with Resolved Carrier State test?


Although the conventional preimplantation genetic diagnosis allows the balanced translocation carrier to successfully give birth to children, it cannot distinguish whether the implanted embryo is carrying chromosomal balanced translocation or completely normal. This means that the offspring will have a 50% probability of being a carrier of a balanced translocation of chromosomes like their parents, and they will also face the pain of recurrent miscarriages when they grow up.


Effectively identifying totally chromosomal normal embryos without balanced translocations, MaReCs® technology solves this problem well.

For who?

1 Spouse carrying chromosomal balanced translocation (including mutual translocation/Roche translocation) or inversion

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