MALBAC Platinum Single Cell RNA Amplification Kit

MALBAC® Platinum Single Cell RNA Amplification Kit specifically performs reverse transcription for mRNA in single cell or few cells, and uses patented MALBAC® Template-switching technology to add adapter containing a quantitative molecular tag to the 3' end of the cDNA, by which the 3' amplification preference and the contamination of genomic DNA and rRNA in the cDNA synthesis process are effectively avoided, so that the gene expression file is accurately retained and quantified.


Full-length transcript

Complete transcript amplification, including UTR region and UTR upstream and downstream regions, enabling full-length transcriptome sequencing

Added UMI

absolute quantification of gene expression by UMIs

High sensitivity

High gene detection rate, which can analyze genes with low expression

Low starting template volume required

Single cell RNA or trace RNA (10 pg of RNA in total)

High amplification efficiency

2-50 ng high-quality full-length cDNA obtained from trace mRNA after reverse transcription and amplification


Rapid Procedure with 1 tube,3 steps and 5-6 hours

Operating Procedures