MALBAC Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit

Based on the patented MALBAC® technology from Harvard University, Yikon Genomics Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit can effectively produce 2-5μg of gDNA within 4 hours from single cell or equivalent gDNA quantity. This kit is highly desirable for many applications where the amount of DNA template is limited, such as less than a hundred cells or less than ng of DNA. For most mammalian cells, such as blastomeres, polar bodies, single cells, sperm, etc, this kit can achieve an amplification success rate of over 96%, and consistent amplification efficiency in both AT- and GC-rich regions. It has been successfully used in the research fields of tumors, nerves, reproduction, stem cells, metagenomics and preimplantation genetic test(PGT).


Based on the patented MALBAC® technology from Harvard University

Low original template amount: single cell, multiple cells, or less than nanogram (ng) of DNA
High amplification coverage: up to 90% coverage
High amplification uniformity: suitable for CNV analysis
Low allele dropout rate: applicable to SNV analysis

Wide range of applications

It can be applied to gene mutation detection, SNP genotyping, CNV, aneuploidy detection, whole genome and exome sequencing, real-time quantitative PCR, molecular cloning, microarray comparative genomic hybridization


Rapid Procedure with 1 tube,2 steps and 2 hours

Authoritative recognition, reliable

Scientifically papers published in top international academic journals such as Science, Cell, PNAS, Fertil Steril, etc.

Operating Procedures